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The rising popularity of Glasgow as a modern city to live in never fails to make us smile. It has always been known as a very metropolitan city with thousands of people enjoying the food, drinks, and entertainment that the city has to offer. With so many businesses also calling Glasgow their home, it is perhaps unsurprising to realise that the demand and cost of rent in this thriving city have continued to rise.

That is good news for landlords!


Returns for Landlords

We always like to maximise returns for our landlords and many are happy in the knowledge that rents continue to rise in the city. The last few months of 2015 were busier that we expected and busier than the tail end of 2014. This indicates that the private rental sector is still in rude health.

Average rents in 2015 were 4.2% higher in Glasgow than in 2014 which compares with 2% for Scotland as a whole. These increases will however be likely offset by increased costs associated with onerous regulation such as the provision of smoke and heat detection.

The average time to let property has also fallen across Glasgow. A typical one bed flat taking 18 days to let, 4 days quicker than in 2014 and faster than the Scottish average of 25 days. In the prime areas of G12, G11, G3 and G1 where we concentrate our resources, time to let is even quicker still, typically within a few days with tenants more often than not being secured within the first round of viewings.

Why Invest in Glasgow?

Why Invest in Glasgow

Besides the rising costs of rentals and reduced time finding a new tenant, there are a variety of reasons as to why you should invest in Glasgow properties and begin to see the excitement that is creating a buzz around the city.

After playing host to the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow was really put on the global map as a city that has risen above its industrial past and moved to a clean future of business and entertainment. It is the most populous city in Scotland, meaning plenty of opportunities for businesses and homes alike. With spacious homes on the outskirts to stunning flats in the very heart of the hustle and bustle, there is a property for every prospective landlord to really grow to love.

Glaswegians are notoriously friendly and the city is open to everybody. Welcoming new tenants to properties is what we do, and looking after your best interests even more so. There is nobody better to keep you informed of the latest in Glasgow’s property boom than Cityscape.

Finding A Property in Glasgow

Glasgow rents continue to rise

If you are a tenant, you can be sure that no matter what kind of property you are looking to find, Cityscape will help discover it with you. Although you may be more concerned about rental rises, you can be assured that the properties we are bringing to you are unique and the homes that will really suit you and your city lifestyle.

Our landlords and tenants are happy with our services in the Glasgow , and it is through their hard work and perseverance that the city is becoming as busy and full of life as it is. Moving to Glasgow could be the next big step in your life that may just secure your future. If you are a landlord looking to rent your property, contact us today for friendly advice on how to get your home on the property market. If you are a tenant, browse our list of beautiful properties and we can arrange a viewing as soon as possible.